I'm Not A Child

I'm Ophelia. Ophelia Klein, if you must know but I never use that name anymore so just call me Ophelia. I'm a mutant. I can torture people with my mind among other things. Doesn't that sound like fun? Oh, you want to call me a child? Comment on my size, hmm? If you want to play that game, I'll comment on the size of your dick, asshole. Chances are I'm older than you anyways unless you live in a nursing home. I don't like stupid people. I don't like most people. But, don't worry. I don't beat around the bush. If I don't like you, you'll know and if I really don't like you, well you'll be dead.

This is an independent OC RP blog from I guess the Marvel Universe. Ophelia is a character I created but the idea of her being a mutant is credit to X-Men. I will RP with anyone. I have several other RP blogs on here. If you want to know their urls, just ask.

FC: Chloe Moretz

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Steve laughed “No, see you have it all wrong, everything you researched is what SHIELD deemed to release about Captain America, you know nothing about me so don’t sit there and pretend that you know anything about me or how I work or what I do,” he snapped “Yeah but I’ve been awake long enough and done enough proper research to know about the world, to know how bullies think they can get what they want through torture and manipulation. There’s a line and of you cross over it then yeah I will ‘jump them’ and I will have my team and everyone else to back me up, because that’s what we do, we stop people like you thinking you can get away with torture because you had a bad start. I know people, I work with people who went through a hell you could never even imagine and they are still decent people.”

Her anger was rising. She sighed in annoyance if only to vent a little bit of her frustration. He was driving her to her wit’s end and her abilities were incredibly difficult to control when she grew this angry. “You’re such a hypocrite though. You are doing the exact same thing. You are assuming so much about me and you know so little. Either way, considering I have met like five different versions of you and I’m assuming this is the only me you met- I think I have the monopoly regarding who knows the most about who.” She had always loathed Captain America but she particularly loathed this one. Perhaps it was the smug smirk. His radiating arrogance that he could commit no wrong. Might as well start kissing his fucking feet now. "Don’t you have something better to do? Like go after an actual villain? Here’s me just naming names but.. The Joker, Magneto, that Loki guy, kind to think of it literally anyone Batman has ever fought because they always seem to come back, you know?" She groaned, "Dude, what are you not fucking getting here? Do I have to spell it out for you? Like I said I’m not proud of torturing that Captain. We actually got over it. We’re sort of friends. But, you do not get it. Sorry, mutants don’t always have control over their powers specifically not someone with powers like mine. You’re not a mutant. You’re a glorified science project.”

"A hell I could never imagine? Like what? I didn’t realize you worked with Anne Frank. Or that girl from the Scream movies. Not all of us turn out sweet and nice. I don’t care if I’m not a decent person. But, don’t berate me just because I don’t have the same mindset as you."