I'm Not A Child

I'm Ophelia. Ophelia Klein, if you must know but I never use that name anymore so just call me Ophelia. I'm a mutant. I can torture people with my mind among other things. Doesn't that sound like fun? Oh, you want to call me a child? Comment on my size, hmm? If you want to play that game, I'll comment on the size of your dick, asshole. Chances are I'm older than you anyways unless you live in a nursing home. I don't like stupid people. I don't like most people. But, don't worry. I don't beat around the bush. If I don't like you, you'll know and if I really don't like you, well you'll be dead.

This is an independent OC RP blog from I guess the Marvel Universe. Ophelia is a character I created but the idea of her being a mutant is credit to X-Men. I will RP with anyone. I have several other RP blogs on here. If you want to know their urls, just ask.

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“Ah well, if that’s the description you want to go for, then have at it, I wasn’t thinking on nearly such a dark term.”

“Assuming most people are is still judgemental, whether you want to be narrow minded about it or not, you assume before you know truth, and truth is a weapon.”

"Well, you look like a guy who would almost always think on dark terms." She shrugged. "Thanks for that. I don’t care about using truth as a weapon though. I have my own weapons. And look, I’m awfully sorry that I called you a tool." There wasn’t much regret in her voice. " Most of the time, my assumptions end up being accurate though. Guess I wasn’t accurate with you then. We all make mistakes."

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“And your attitude reveals what an ugly soul you have, Ophelia.”

“I’d say what a pleasure, but clearly the judgement has been placed that I’m a tool…so I’ll just act like one.”

"You’re probably right there. My soul probably has like three heads and horns or something."

"I think most people are tools. There isn’t much judgement involved."


“That was probably an inappropriate question wasn’t it? I didn’t mean to nake you uncomfortable, it wasn’t my intention. I’m sorry for everything you’ve had to see and do. The things you’ve had to live through. You make my childhood look like a cake walk.” It was true, sure Jac had been through some terrible things, but she didn’t get attached to people, and her source of torture was dead. Ophelia though, she was still living through everything. “You really don’t owe me anything. I owe you. You could have pushed me away when I was a little kid. You could have ignored my problems. You could bring up my family. You don’t. You didn’t. You’re here looking for somebody you don’t even know with me. I think this means I owe you.”

“Yeah, friends. We can be friends. I think its a little bit of a weird concept, but yeah. It’s just been a while since I’ve had a real friend,” Jac looked out her window, studying the  landscape for a spilt second. “You’d probably be trying to stop me. If I weren’t here, I think I’d be high in some back ally somewhere. Trying to get over all of this. I’m, uh, glad you think I’m cool. You are too.” 

"It’s fine." Ophelia said quickly. "Really. Nothing makes me uncomfortable. I just don’t really talk about it much, I guess. And your childhood was definitely not a walk through the park so don’t pretend like it was." She shrugged. "I just lived in a different time, I guess. Basically, as everyone already knows, the Nazis were total assholes. Whatever. That was the forties. I think I should move on." She turned to Jac. "I’m nice to kids. I’m not gonna shove a first grader or however old you were around. And I don’t have any reason to bring up your family. I don’t have anything better to do anyway. Don’t sweat it. It’s just called ‘me not being as much of a dick as everyone seems to think I am’."

She smiled faintly. “Yeah. Same. Friend isn’t usually a part of my every day vocabulary. Instead of calling people my friend, I just call them an asshole. But, I think after all this- going on a road trip to find your long lost brother or what not.. We qualify as friends. Otherwise, I don’t know what the hell to call us.” Ophelia shook her head, laughing. “Drugs wouldn’t be the best idea. No. It’s not like tripping out changes anything. At least now, you’re trying to actually do something. Thanks. I try to be pretty cool.”

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“The name is Eric Draven, and who might you be?”

"Nice makeup. It makes you look like even more of a tool than you would without it. Congrats."

"I’m Ophelia. What a pleasure."


So you do know exactly how I feel— how wonderful, something bond over. The Nazis were disgusting, horrible people. I am glad I was on the other side of the fight. Very glad.

What part of Germany are you from Ophelia, if you don’t mind my asking, that is?

I wasn’t. Not really anyway. I didn’t really get to fight cause if I did they’d kill my family- which they did anyways but still Nazis weren’t fun to fuck with.

Munich. Where were you from?


“…Thank you…” He raised an eyebrow. “How are you this evening, Ophelia?”

"Welcome." She smirked. "Eh, I’m just grand. Same as always, really. And how are you?"


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“Hello, my name is Hannibal.”

"And I’m Ophelia. Hey. Nice dimples.."


Understandable. Not everyone can be friendly, or at least, pretend to. The pleasure is all mine.

Yes, I am German, though sometimes I am not so proud of me. You were? Once? You have lost me. 

See, if I acted any differently, I’d be lying. And what’s good about lying?

Yeah, Nazis were real dicks. And I don’t really consider it a part of me anymore not after everything that happened. I grew up during the war and then everything else is a bit of a long story.


Oh my, somebody has a rather nasty attitude.

Nonetheless, hello Ophelia. My name is Bridget. A pleasure. 

Yeah, I do. Feigning politeness and friendliness like you probably do isn’t really my thing, you know?

It’s a real fucking pleasure.

So, you’re German right? I was German. Once. Wasn’t fun.


I am not here to be fun or get along with anybody. -snarls.- I honestly have better things to do that sit here an entertain a lesser being.

A lesser being? What the hell are you anyways?

I don’t consider mutants like me lesser beings. We’re more or less pretty fucking awesome.